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When the king saw in that letter, which was brought (to
him), the manner of excuse with flattery and humility, he said
to himself,  " we should not harass that humble  man.   Why
should the lion which  hunts elephants contemplate  fighting
with foxes ?   Whenever I want to hunt, the  troops which sur-
round my country  (are ready to join me). "   Then the king
accepted the tribute from him and compelled him to purchase
(peace).   He led the troops towards (the country of) Narayan,
and reached Malkota on the second day.

: F#tilh-iif~Saintin, pp. 552-3.

* In the Saka year one thousand two hundred and fifty
eight, corresponding to the cyclic year Isvara, King Harihara
granted, in the presence of Grod Virupaksa, on the holy day
of §ivaratri, at the request of Cikka Vodaya, Karanika-
smsthyas to Brahmans in all the places where they were
From the Anciint Rtcords <?/ Caufasvarinandavaram; Mae. Mss. 15-3-18.
24 (b).
While Harihararaya was ruling at Vijayanagara, Cikka
Vodaya secured the office of the Karanika for the Brahmans.
As he caused also a canal to be dug from the Pinakini which
passed through the fields of Bondiladinne and Sugumanci, it
is said that such nlraramba crops as rice, sugarcane etc,, used
to grow in abundance.
Katyyat of Tmaproddufrr, Z. R. 33, pp. 122-123.
24 (C).
At the request of Cikka Vodaya, Harihararaya granted
to the Mahajaaas of Nandavaram, in the temple of the god
* S.a 1258 euTupoodt to DhXtri ind not ltT«r».